February 6, 2017



Service is an Attitude

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Attitude is a powerful tool for positive action and it is inherently ingrained into everything that one does.

To transform our attitudes into positive action, service professionals should practise self-awareness and take charge of what goes inside our minds by monitoring and managing the internal dialogue and turning negative thoughts into positive ones.

All human beings are endowed with the ability to choose positive thoughts at the subconscious level. This ability allows us to predict the outcome of our action and help us to avoid negative consequences that would bring harm to ourselves and those around us, thus preventing us from suffering guilt and pain.

Research has shown that individuals with positive attitudes are more successful than similarly talented people with negative attitudes. Each of us has the ability to choose what attitude we want to have and the good thing is that a positive attitude can be cultivated.

Individual service professionals can be better at serving and delighting their customers by embracing the GREAT service attitude.